updated 5/4/04

PHIL 3050 Pragmatism and Religion

Spring 2004

Michael Eldridge

The syllabus is finally complete, and a Take Home Final Exam has been posted.

Texts for the course include William James's classic study, The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902), and volume three of George Santayana's Life of Reason: Reason in Religion (1905).

But the central focus will be on John Dewey's A Common Faith (1934), now out of print but widely available.  If necessary, I can supply an electronic copy (it is only 84 pages or so).  But in preparation for Dewey we will read an out-of-print book that originally appeared as a conversation by Henry Nelson Weiman, Douglas Clyde Macintosh and Max Carl Otto in the Christian Century, as well as the discussion that this volume initiated.  This discussion in the leading Protestant journal of the day and Dewey's 1933 review of Is There a God? A Conversation (1932) provide the immediate background for A Common Faith.

We will also make use of various short pieces, which I can supply, provided the class stays at the present relatively manageable size.