2010 SAAP Conference Program


37th Annual Meeting

March 11-13


Host Institutions:


University of North Carolina—Charlotte

Queens University of Charlotte




UNC Charlotte Department of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Center for Professional and Applied Ethics


Queens University of Charlotte Department of Philosophy and Religion and Center for Ethics and Religion


Local Arrangements Chair, Mark Sanders, Department of Philosophy, UNC Charlotte


Thursday, March 11


12:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Registration


12:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Book Exhibit and Poster Sessions in Cyprus Room


2:00 pm – 3:45 pm – Concurrent Sessions I


A. Panel: The Centrality of Dewey's Philosophy of Growth: Clarifying Dewey's Commitment to Growth in Ethics and Education, Juniper


Robyn Peabody (Bowling Green State University), “Dewey's Theory of Growth is Informed by Other Key Commitments”


Cherilyn Keall (University of Guelph), “Exploring the Nature and Educational Significance of Dewey's Notion of Growth”


Justin Bell (SIU Carbondale), Panel Organizer,  “Growth of Ordered Richness and Eudaimonia: Dewey's Philosophy of the Good Life”


B. Discussion Papers, Oak


Robert Main (Temple University), The Frontier and Fallibilism:Toward "A More Perfect Union" of Peirce's Pragmatism


Tom Burke (University of South Carolina), Empiricism, Pragmatism, and the Settlement Movement


Chair: Jacquelyn Kegley (California State University Bakersfield)


Commentator: Dorothea Sophia (University of New England, Australia)


C. Papers on John Dewey and Democracy, Magnolia


Denise James (University of Dayton), The Hostile Gospel and Democratic Faith: Black Feminist Reflections on Rap and Dewey


Judith Green (Fordham University), Public Reasons, Private Tastes, and Personal Opinions in Deliberative Democratic Politics: A Deweyan Pragmatist Analysis


David Woods (Fordham University), The Ethos of Participatory and Deliberative Democracy in Rebuilding the Civil Sphere: Dewey, Mead, and Alexander


Chair: Kimberly Lockwood (University of Dayton)


D. Invited Session: George Santayana Society:  “Santayana on Pragmatism,” Poplar


Matthew C. Flamm (Rockford College) “Pragmatic Moralism and the Politicization of Philosophy”


Glenn Tiller (Texas A&M at Corpus Christi) “The Assumption of Truth: Recent Pragmatic Accounts”


Commentator: Eric Thomas Weber (University of Mississippi)


3:45 pm – 4:00 pm – Refreshment Break (for all registrants)


E. Poster Session: Cyprus


Poster presenters are encouraged to be available to explain and answer questions about their presentations.  They are:


Zachary VanderVeen (Kettering Foundation), Peirce and Practical Reason: Deduction, Induction, and Abduction at the Grocery Store


Judy Whipps (Grand Valley State University), Feminist-pragmatist democratic practice and contemporary sustainability movements


Aaron Wilson (University of Miami), The Importance of Dewey's Postulate


4:00 pm – 5:45 pm  - Concurrent Sessions II


A. Papers on the Conception and Epistemology of Feminism, Juniper


Lee McBride (College of Wooster), Pragmatist Feminism and Pro-Women Politics


Kara Barnette (University of Oregon), Necessary Error: Josiah Royce, Communal Inquiry, and Feminist Epistemology


Chair: Philip Olson (Virginia Tech)


Commentator: Dwayne Tunstall, Grand Valley State University


B. Panel: Cannibal Cries of "Meat! Meat!": The Psychology and Ecology of Animal Consumption in a Pragmatic World, Oak 

Brian Henning (Gonzaga) “Cooking the Planet: On the Morality of Eating Meat in an Era of Climate Change”


Erin McKenna (Pacific Lutheran University) “Farmed Fish and American Pragmatism”


Tadd Ruetenik (St. Ambrose) “The Moral Equivalent of Meat: Violence, Taste and the Psychology of the Omnivore”


C. Discussion Papers, Magnolia


Kipton Jensen (La Grande College) The Native Strain in Emerson and the American Burden: The Anxiety of Influence and Belatedness


Wojciech Malecki (University of Wroclaw, Poland), On the Heidegger Who Never Joined the Nazis, the Orwell Who Defended Stalinism, and the Nietzsche Who Had a Happy and Successful Life: Alternate Histories in Richard Rorty’s Works


Chair: Troy Deters (Macomb Community College)


Commentator: Pat Shade, Rhodes College


D. Invited Session: Associazione Pragma (Italy): “Who’s Reasoning? A Pragmatist View of the Self,” Poplar


Rosa M. Calcaterra (University of Rome 3) “Epistemology of the Self in a Pragmatic Mood”


Rossella Fabbrichesi (University of Milan) “Peirce, Royce, Nietzsche: Towards a De-Personification of Humanity”


Giovanni Maddalena (University of Molise) “Pragmatists’ Longing for a Synthetic Self”


Chair: André De Tienne (Peirce Edition Project, IUPUI)


E. Papers on Social Criticism, Peirce, Transcendentalism, and the New Left, Dogwood


Clancy Smith (Duquesne), Critical Pragmatism: C. S. Peirce and Herbert Marcuse on the Artificial Stagnation of Human Development in Advanced Industrial Societies


Anthony Giambusso (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), The Site of Truth in Transcendentalism and the New Left


Chair: Masato Ishida (University of Hawaii at Manoa)


Commentator: Jerry Joplin (Guilford College)


6:00 pm – 8:00 Welcome from Local Hosts, Dogwood


Nancy Gutierrez, Dean College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,  UNC Charlotte

Norris Frederick, Past Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, and Provost, Queens University of Charlotte

Mark Sanders, Department of Philosophy, UNC Charlotte


and Plenary I, Dogwood: "Obama's Pragmatism and Philosophical Pragmatism"


Bart Schultz (Director, Civic Knowledge Project, University of Chicago)


Paul Taylor (Chair, Department of Philosophy, Temple University)


James Livingston (Department of History, Rutgers University)


Allison Kadlec (Public Agenda)


Joseph Winters (Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina—Charlotte)


Mark Sanders (University of North Carolina—Charlotte)


Chair: Michael Eldridge (University of North Carolina—Charlotte)


Organizers: Colin Koopman (Department of Philosophy, The University of Oregon) and Mark Sanders (UNC Charlotte)


8:00 pm – 10:00 pm – Reception



Friday, March 12, 2010


8:00 - 9:00 am - Continental Breakfast, Lobby, near Poplar Room


8:00 am – 5:00 pm – Registration, Cyprus


8:00 am – 5:00 pm Book Exhibit and Poster Sessions in Cyprus


9:00 am – 10:45 am – Concurrent Sessions III


A. Discussion Papers, Juniper


Mathew Foust (University of Oregon) and Melissa Shew (Marquette University), Loyalty and the Art of Wise Living: The Influence of Plato and Aristotle on the Moral Philosophy of Josiah Royce”


Jim Good (North Harris College), The Absolute under the Bed: Dewey’s Debt to Hegel Revisited”


Chair: Kandace Riddle (SIU Carbondale)


Commentator: David Hildebrand (University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center)


B. Papers on Puritanism and the Presence of the Past in Thought and Action, Oak


Richard Hall (Fayetteville State), Edwards & James on Religion


Laura Mueller (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), Puritan Gesellschaft as America's Heritage


Chair: Phillip McReynolds (Penn State University)


Commentator: Robert King, Utah State University


C. Papers on Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dogwood


J. Heath Atchley (Mount Holyoke College), Attention and the Spiritual Law of Gravity


Heikki Kovalainen (University of Tampere, Finland), Love for Emerson


Chair: Nicholas Guardiano (SIU Carbondale)


Commentator: Tad Bratkowski, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


D. Invited Session: The Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy: “American Philosophy and Its Attentiveness to Human and Social Particularity,” Magnolia


Todd Franklin (Hamilton College) “Distinctive Voices, Distinctive Visions and the Development of Critical Consciousness”


Bill E. Lawson (University of Memphis) “American Philosophy and the Particular”


Chair: Alfred E. Prettyman (Ramapo College of New Jersey)


E. Papers on Dewey, Freud, Consciousness, and Psychoanalysis, Poplar


Nick Smaligo (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), Dewey's Unconscious


Robin Weiss (DePaul University), The Reflex Arc's Reception on Both Sides of the Atlantic: Dewey and Freud on the Science of Energy in Equilibrium”


Chair: Alexis Dianda (New School for Social Research)

Commentator: Zach VanderVeen


10:45 am – 11:00 am – Refreshment Break (for all registrants)


11:00 am – 12:30 – Plenary II: Coss Dialogues: Dogwood


Donna Gabaccia (Professor of History  and Director of the Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota), "Nations of Immigrants"


Chair: Marilyn Fischer, University of Dayton


12:30 pm – 2:00Lunch on your own


SAAP Board of Directors Meeting, Pomodoro B


2:30 pm – 4:15 pm – Concurrent Sessions IV


A.     Coss Dialogue Follow Up Panel, Dogwood


Chair: Armen Marsoobian (Southern Connecticut State University)



Marilyn Fischer (University of Dayton), "Keywords: What's an Advocate to Do with the Words She's Given?"
Jose Jorge Mendoza (University of Oregon), "A 'Nation' of Immigrants"

Celia Bardwell-Jones (Towson University), "The Space Between: The Politics of Immigration in Asian/Pacific Island America"

Respondent: Donna Gabaccia


B. Papers on Jane Addams and George Santayana, Juniper


Lisa Heldke (Gustavus Adolphus College),  Jane Addams and Liberty Hyde Bailey: Two Models of Democratic Inquiry Communities


Martin Coleman (IUPUI), The Significance of the Pun in the Thought of George Santayana


Chair: Lucille McCarthy (English, University of Maryland--Baltimore County)


Commentator: Matthew Pamental (Northern Illinois University)


C. Papers on John Witherspoon, Edgar S. Brightman, Religion, and the Problem of Evil, Oak


Howard Callaway (Philadelphia), Witherspoon, "Christian Magnanimity" and Liberty of Conscience


James McLachlan (Western Carolina University), The Nonrational Given: Edgar S. Brightman on the Dark in the Divine Abstract”


Chair: Kandace Riddle (SIU Carbondale)


Commentator: Glenn Kuehn (University of Wisconsin--Marshfield/Wood County)

D. Author Meets Critics: Terrance MacMullan, The Habits of Whiteness: A Pragmatist Reconstruction, Magnolia


Jacoby Adeshei Carter (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)


E. Invited Session: Cologne Constructivist Group: “Language and its Discontents – William James, Richard Rorty, and Interactive Constructivism,” Poplar


William J. Gavin (University of Southern Maine)

Stefan Neubert (University of Cologne, Germany)

Kersten Reich (University of Cologne, Germany)


4:15 pm – 4:30 pm – Refreshment Break (for all registrants)


4:30 pm – 6:15 pm


A. Local Host Session, Dogwood


Session Title:  "William James Visits North Carolina: 'On A Certain Blindness in Human Beings,' the Landscape, and Religious Ecstasy"


Norris Frederick (Queens University of Charlotte), "William James and Serpent-Handlers in those North Carolina Mountains"


Eric Mullis (Queens University of Charlotte),  "William James and Environmental Aesthetics: Re-thinking the 'Squalid' North Carolina Farm"


Commentator: David Henderson (Western Carolina University)


B. Papers on Altruism and Caring, Juniper


Maurice Hamington (Metropolitan State College of Denver), The Will to Care: Expectancy Theory, William James, and Feminist Ethics


Dorothy Rogers (Montclair State University), Altruism and the American Way


Chair: Stephen Fishman (UNC Charlotte)


Commentator: Brian Butler (UNC Asheville)


C. Invited Session Jane Collective: Interdisciplinary Voices Read Twenty Years, 100 Years Later, Poplar


Chair: Marilyn Fischer (University of Dayton)



Katherine Joslin (English, Western Michigan University), "Jane Addams and American Autobiography."
Rebecca Hegar (Social Work, University of Texas, Arlington), “International Perspectives on Jane Addams and 20 Years at Hull House"


D. Graduate Student Session, Oak


Christopher Collins (Fordham University), Diversity in the American Classroom: a Deweyan Consideration of Instrumental and Intrinsic Value


Lucas McGranahan (University of California at Santa Cruz), Evolution and Absolutes: William James and the Varieties of Selectionism


Mike Jostedt (SIU Carbondale), Jane Addams: Listening with the Other


Chair: Aaron Massecar (University of Guelph)


E. Invited Session: Society for the Study of Process Philosophies: “The Depths of Experience,” Magnolia


Jeremy R. Hustwit (Methodist University) “Toward Poetry or Science? Strategies for Coordinating Language, Experience, and Reality”


Steve Hulbert (Claremont Graduate University) “Hume and the Problem of Personal Identity: A Jamesian Process Solution”


Commentator: John Woell (Greensboro College)


Chair: Brian G. Henning (Gonzaga University)



6:15 pm – Dinner on your own (Group Meetings)


Royce Society, Juniper

Jane Collective (at a restaurant to be determined)



Saturday, March 13, 2010


7:30 - 8:30 am - Continental Breakfast, Lobby, near Poplar Room


8:00 am – 12 pm – Registration, Cyprus


8:00 am – 5 pm Book Exhibit and Poster Sessions, Cyprus


8:30 am – 10:15 am – Concurrent Sessions V


A. Papers on Dewey’s Theory of Economics and Population Size, Magnolia


Phillip Deen (Wellesley), John Atkinson Hobson and the Roots of John Dewey’s Economic Thought


Tim McCune (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), John Dewey and the Philosophical Dimensions of the ‘Population Problem’


Chair: Jayne Tristan (UNC Charlotte)


Commentator: Sanjay Marwah, Guilford College


B. Papers on William James, Evolution, and Metaphysics, Oak


Michael Brady (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), An Evolutionary Path Through William James


Juan Ferret (University of Texas at El Paso) James’s Squirrel and the Problem of Motion Pragmatically Considered


Chair: Guy Axtell (Radford University)


Commentator: Stanley Harrison (Marquette University)


C. Panel: Am I an American Philosopher? Poplar


John Lysaker (Emory University)


Alejandro Vallega (California State--Stanislaus)


Shannon Sullivan (Pennsylvania State University)


Cindy Willet (Emory University)


D. Author Meets Critics: Larry A. Hickman (Center for Dewey Studies, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale) Pragmatism as Post-Postmodernism: Lessons from John Dewey, Juniper


Scott Pratt (University of Oregon)


Noelle McAfee (George Washington University)


Colin Koopman (University of Oregon)


Chair: John J. Kaag (University of Massachusetts Lowell)


10:15 am – 10:30 am – Refreshment Break (for all registrants)


10:30 am – 12:15 – Plenary IV: What is “American” about American philosophy? Dogwood


Naoko Saito (Kyoto University, Japan)


Ivo Ibri (Pontifical Catholic University, Brazil)


Sami Pihlström (University of Helsinki, Finland)


Chair: Jim Garrison (Virginia Tech)


Commentator: Charlene Haddock Seigfried (Purdue University)


12:15 pm – 1:45Lunch on your own


SAAP Board of Directors Meeting, Pomodoro B


1:45 pm – 3:30 pm – Concurrent Sessions VI


A. Papers on Dewey Moral Imagination and Aesthetics, Juniper


Joseph Swenson (University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign), Experience in Context: Dewey on Aesthetic Appreciation


Bill Bywater (Allegheny), Affinities between Dewey’s Moral Imagination and Goethe’s Delicate Empiricism


Chair: Todd Lekan (Muskingum University)


Commentator: Michael Kelly, UNC Charlotte


B. Papers on Peirce and Epistemology, Magnolia


Robert Lane (University of West Georgia), The Second Incapacity: Peirce’s Denial of Intuition”


Andrew Smith (Illinois State University), Truth, Negation, and the Limit of Inquiry: Revisiting the Problem of Buried Secrets


Chair: Henrik Rydenfelt (University of Helsinki)


Commentator: Scott Forschler (Independent Scholar)


C. Invited Session: Jane Collective Roundtable Discussion: "Addams at 150: Teaching Addams' Works," Poplar


Chair: Judy Whipps (Grand Valley State University)


D. Traditional Papers on Justus Buchler and Richard Posner, Oak


Lawrence Cahoone (Holy Cross) Towards A New Metaphysics of Natural Complexes


Seth Vannatta (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale),  Where is Judge Posner’s Conservatism? On the Prospect of a Pragmatic and Conservative Judicial Theory


Chair: Kathleen Wallace (Hofstra University)


Commentator: Kathleen Wallace (Hofstra University) with Michael Eldridge (UNC Charlotte)


E. What is “American” about American Philosophy Followup Panel, Dogwood


Chair: Jim Garrison


3:30 pm – 3:45 pm – Refreshment Break (for all registrants)


3:45 pm - 5:30 pm - Concurrent Session VII


A. Papers on Hispanic Pragmatism and Islamic Thought, Juniper


Richard Gilmore (Concordia College), Pragmatism and Islamic Thought in Peirce and Iqbal: The Metaphysics of Emergent Mind


Gregory Pappas (Texas A & M), The Nature of Pragmatism and the Quest for a Hispanic Pragmatist


Chair: Muhammad Haris (UNC Charlotte)


Commentator: Charlie Hobbs (Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN)


B. Panel: Clarifying Peirce's Idea of "Habit," Oak


Daniel Brunson (Penn State University) Understanding Habits in Light of Peirce’s Categories and Semeiotic.


Aaron Massecar (University of Guelph) “Habits and Instincts”


Jason Rickman (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale) “Critical Common-Sensism, Sentimental Conservatism, and Habit”


C. Papers on William James, Business Ethics, and Richard Rorty, Magnolia


Vinny Rama (Fordham University), The Underlying Business Ethics in the Philosophy of William James


Roger Ward (Georgetown College), Therapy to Apocalypse: encountering the abyss of epistemology in James and Rorty


Chair: Maurice Hamington (Metropolitan State College of Denver)


Commentator: Alex Strong (SIU Carbondale)


D. Traditional Papers on Dewey, Naturalism, and Neuropragmatism, Dogwood


Tibor Solymosi (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), Neuropragmatism, Old and New


Kelly Booth (Thompson Rivers University), Can Naturalists Be Physicalists?


Chair: Felica Kruse Alexander (Xavier University)


Commentator: Steven Miller, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


E. Discussion Papers, Poplar


Randall Auxier (SIU Carbondale), Martin Luther King and Malcolm X: On Being, Knowing, and the Dignity of Person


Stuart Rosenbaum (Baylor University), Reparations, Apologies and Democracy


Amrita Banerjee (University of Oregon), Re-orienting the Ethics of Transnational Surrogacy as a Feminist Pragmatist


Chair: Matthew Pamental


5:45 pm – 6:45 pm – Plenary V Business Meeting, Dogwood


6:45 – 7:30 Presidential Address, Dogwood


7:30 pm – Banquet and Awards, Willow-Birch



Program Committee


Doug Anderson (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale) and Jim Garrison (Virginia Tech), Co-Chairs


Elizabeth Cooke (Creighton)

Todd Lekan (Muskingum College)

Rosa Mayorga (Miami Dade College)

Joe Palencik (University of Buffalo)