PHIL 3050.003

Topics Course: Contemporary Moral Theory

Spring 2005
TR 12:30

Friday 033

Students will be expected to write a major paper (15 pages) which may be a more sophisticated version of the initial paper or may be an examination of the moral philosophy of one of the major thinkers of the twentieth century (Moore, Dewey, Hare, Anscombe, Mackie, Rawls, Williams and others) or a conceptual problem (naturalism, non-naturalism, non-cognitivism, realism, relativism, constructivism, objectivity, the role of feminism in moral theory, anti-ethics, etc.).  The instructor does not like surprises in students' topics or approaches.  He much prefers that students discuss what they want to do and how they are going about it from early on in the course.  He also expects to see drafts of the student's project during the semester.

The syllabus is currently under construction but what there is available online. You may also wish to look at what I have been doing this semester in Hungary.  The course will be re-organized, but many of the topics and readings will be the same.

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