Classic Passages in the Apology

"You are wrongÖif you think a person who is any good at all should take into account the risk of life or death; one should look only to one's actions, whether what one does is right or wrong, whether one is acting like a good or a bad person" (p. 31)

"I go around doing nothing but persuading both young and old among you not to care for your body or our wealth in preference to or as strongly as for the best possible state of your soul" (pp. 32-33)

"You could easily kill me, and then you could sleep on for the rest of your days, unless the godÖsent you someone else" (p. 33)

"The unexamined life is not worth living" (p. 39)

"There are many ways to avoid death in every kind of danger if one will venture to do or say anything to avoid it" (p. 40)

"It is not difficult to avoid deathÖit is much more difficult to avoid wickedness" (p. 40)

"When my sons grow up, avenge yourselves by causing them the same kind of grief that I caused you, if you think they care for money or "anything else more than they care for virtue, or if they think they are somebody when they are nobodyî (p. 42)