Study Guides

Study Guides and Overheads for Introduction and Part I.  Ancient Philosohy:  Socrates & Plato

The Indestructible Questions: The Main Branches of Philosophy

Recognizing Arguments

Basic Arguments

Classic Passages in the Apology


Key Distinctions in the Apology

Whether to Escape from Prison (Crito) and Facing Death (Phaedo)

Socratic Method for Defining Piety in the Euthyphro

Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Point of the Allegory of the Cave

Plato's Divided Line

 Study Guides and Overheads for Part II.  Modern Philosophy:  Descates, Hume, & Kant

Descartes, Meditations I-III

Descartes, Meditations IV-VI

Hume's Enquiry

Hume's Relations of Ideas and Matters of Face

Kant's Foundation for the Metaphysics of Morals

Kant's Hypothetical and Categorical Imperatives

Study Guides and Overheads for Part III.  Recent Philosophy:  Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, & Mill

Hegel's "Master-Slave Dialectic"

Marx, Alienated Labor

Nietzsche's Critique of Morality

Mill, On Liberty

Mill, The Subjection of Women

Study Guides and Overheads for Part IV.  Contemporary Philosophy:  Ayer, James, Sartre, & Rawls

Ayer, "Language, Truth,and Logic"

James, The Will to Believe and Pragmatism


Sartre, Being and Nothingness (Bad Faith)

Sartre, Existentialism and Humanism

Rawls, Justice as Fairness