Reviewing for Exam on

        Part V. Contemporary Philosophy:  Ayer, James, Sartre, and Rawls

This exam will count as 20% of your final grade.  On the date listed on the syllabus, an in-class
exam will be given on class lectures and on the readings.  The exam will include objective
sections and essay questions.   (A make-up exam will be given only for highly extenuating
circumstances and will be considerably more difficult.)

Objective Portion of Exam

The objective portion of the exam will count as 60 points and will include matching, multiple
choice, fill in the blank, and true or false sections.  (The exam will have four matching, five multiple choice, five fill in the blank, and six true of false entries; each of the twenty entries will count three points.)  To review for this portion of the exam be familiar with the topics listed below (shown as overheads in class and available under study guides in course materials on the web) and with the readings with which they correlate.

       Ayer, Language, Truth and Logic
       James, The Will to Believe and Pragmatism
       Sartre, Being and Nothingness (Bad Faith)
       Sartre, Existentialism and Humanism
       Rawls, Justice as Fairness

In the overheads and text, be especially familiar with the following:

       Ayer's use of Hume and critique of metaphysics as senseless
       James's distinctions on hypotheses and on pursuing knowledge and avoiding error
       Sartre's view on how we can lie to ourselves
       Sartre's views on our responsibility and on the themes of existentialism
       Rawls's view on issues of equality in relation to a concept of justice

Essay Portion of Exam

The Essay Portion of the Exam will count 40 points, 20 points on each of two questions.  The questions will be identical to or very similar to the ones listed below.  In your essays, write in your own words and aim to be accurate, relevant, and clear.