German Idealism and Post-Kantian Philosopohy:  Philosophical Biographies

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

Early Years

Professional Activity


Pre-Critical Period:  1755-1770 (Lectureship)--from age 31-46

Critical Philosophy

Single controversy:  Religion with the Limits of Reason Alone (1795)

Died on February 12, 1804

Kant and Revolutions of 1780s and Subsequent Ideologies


Kant's relation to subsequent intellectual developments


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831)

Early years

University of Jena from 31 to37 (1801-1807)

Battle of Jena (1807) brought life of university to a close

University of Heidelberg

University of Berlin: 1818 to death from cholera on Nov. 14, 1831


Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (Oct. 15, 1844 to Aug. 25, 1900)

Early years

University education

Initial military service (Oct. 1867-Oct. 1868)

Offer of university position Brief departure from Basil in fall 1870 Break from Wagner and Bad Health (drift began in 1876)


Acquaintance with Wager

The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music  (1872)

Second period

Anti-Metaphysical, Anti-Morality of Self-renunciation, Ubermensch

Attacks on Wagner

Other Post-Breakdown Writings