"Indirect Language and the Voices of Silence"



                                                            From de Saussure


Signs (p.39)

    --"Do no signify anything"

    --"Mark a divergence"

"Language is made of differences"

    --If no individual meaning, would seem no difference  (parts)

    --"One would have to know the language in order to learn it" (whole)


Problem overcome by speech

    --"Language ... precedes itself, teaches itself"

    --Dialectic of part/whole or hermeneutic circle

    --Learned parts function as a whole (pp. 39-40)

--"Progress ... by internal articulation" (division/refine) (p.40)

    --Begin of speech in move from babbling to communication

Synchrony and Meaning


Truth and "symbolic context which dates our knowledge" (p.42)


Meaning and the "between"

    --"Fold in the immense fabric of language"

    --"Always limited only by more language"

"Thought crawls through language" (p.43)

"Language is indirect or allusive--... is ... silence"

    --Indirectness and distortion

    --"Expression is ... an operation of languge upon language" (p. 44)

    --"Suddenly thrown out of focus"

    --Like a corridor of glass with a distorted panel



Language and Creativity


Empirical use as "result of creative language" (p.44)

"Empirical language ... is not ... authentic language"


Expressive speech (p.46)

    --"Gropes around a significative intention"

    --Arises "in the process of writing the text"

    --"Evoke" some of what was "rejected" to understand

    --"Consider speech before it is spoken"

    --Consider "the background of silence"

    --Silence as necessary or speech would "say nothing"