Publications of William C. Gay

Available Electronically

Apocalyptic Thinking versus Nonviolent Action

Bourdieu and the Social Conditions of Wittgensteinian Language Games

Bush's National Security Strategy

Concerned Philosophers For Peace

Democracy in Market Economies

Exposing and Overcoming Linguistic Alienation and Linguistic Violence

From Wittgenstein To Applied Philosophy

The Language of War and Peace

Linguistic Violence

Marxism and Global Values

The New Reign of Terror

Nonsexist Public Discourse and Negative Peace

A Normative Framework for Addressing Peace and Related Global Issues

Nuclear Warfare and Morality

The Practice of Linguistic Nonviolence

The Prospect for a Nonviolent Model of National Security

Public Policy Discourse on Peace

The Reality of Linguistic Violence Against Women

Ricoeur on Metaphor and Ideology

Weapons of Mass Destruction