Philosopher Kings/Queens
The Republic as the Quest for Justice

Plato: "We Set Out To Discover The Essential Nature Of Justice"
Construct Ideal Patterns In Discourse
  • "We did not set out to show that these ideals could exist in fact"
  • "Can theory ever be fully realized in practice?"
  • "Point out what defect in the working of existing states prevents them from being so organized"
  • Question:
  • "What is the least change that would effect a transformation into this type of government?"
  • Answer:
  • Genuine desire for wisdom in rulers
  • Paradox: Philosophers Must Be Rulers
  • Philosophers Are Not Rulers
  •   (The Wise Lack Power)  
  • Rulers Are Not Philosophers
  •   (The Powerful Lack Wisdom)  
    Status: Separate Wisdom and Power
  • "No rest from troubles"
  • Troubles include domestic conflict & international war
    Political Realism of Nation States

    Operation: Might Makes Right

    Challenge: How to Introduce Change

  • Aim of The Republic
  • Aim of THIS COURSE